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Intense Pistachio Rolls

Intense Pistachio Rolls

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✅ Comes home vacuum-packed to ensure freshness and health
✅ Refrigerated shipping to ensure maximum authenticity
✅ Made according to the famous recipe from Catania
✅ Only Quality and Certificate cuts
✅ Hand made just before being shipped


Skewer composed of 4 pork loin rolls stuffed with cooked ham, stringy cheese and pistachio pesto, with classic breading.

WEIGHT: 220gr

Safe starting point of the They dynasty is the Duke Pesto who sided with the family of Intense Pistachio Rolls, obtaining a classic and crunchy breading as a prize.


If not consumed immediately, open the vacuum seal and refrigerate consume within 7 days of receipt; you can keep the product frozen for 30 daysWe recommend opening vacuum-packed products about 30 minutes before cooking, to oxygenate the meat and make it reach the most suitable temperature for cooking (room temperature). 


In the oven: it is recommended to lay on parchment paper, add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil before baking and bake at 180 ° for about 15 minutes, in a preheated and, if possible, ventilated oven.

In a non-stick pan; heat the pan, lay the skewer on one side, cook for 3 minutes at a time on each side and continue turning several times to obtain an optimal cooking.

NOTES: For intolerances, food allergies or other changes, specify in the order.